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14mm Glass Magnetic Induction Reed Switch Normally Open (10 pack)

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14mm Glass Magnetic Induction Reed Switch Normally Open

Brand new
Material: glass+conductive metal pin
Color: as picture shows
Compact and lightweight
Reed contacts and inert gas are hermetically sealed in the glass tube, won't influenced by the external atmosphere
Shear or bending pin must be extremely careful to avoid plaing undue strength to damage glass tube.
Long time heated may damage the component, welding technology must be fast and reliable.
Glass Length 14mm
Glass Diameter 2mm
Total Length 45mm
Contact Form A
Max. Switching Voltage 300 VDC
Min. Breakdown Voltage 150 VDC
Max. Contact Rating 10W
Max. Switching Current 0.55 A
Max. Operate time 0.45 ms
Bounce time 0.25 ms
Max. Release time 0.35 ms
Resonant Frequency 5000 HZ
Max. Operating Frequency 400 HZ
Pull in Value 20-70 AT
Min. Drop out Value 4 AT
Max. Contact Capacitance 0.5 pF
Electrical Life 50mV-10μA-1x106

Package Includes:
10 x reed switch