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180PCS 18 Values Polyester Film Capacitor Assortment Electrolytic Kit

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180PCS 18 Values Polyester Film Capacitor Assortment Electrolytic Kit 

Polyester Capacitor refers to the use of two pieces of metal foil as electrodes, sandwiched in a very thin insulating medium, rolled into a cylindrical or flat cylindrical core, the medium is polyester, polyester film capacitor, high dielectric constant, volume Small, large capacity, good stability, suitable for bypass capacitors.

Parameter identification:
1, the capacitor withstand voltage value is usually expressed in letters, the common code and cardinality correspondence is:
A: 1.0; B: 1.25; C: 1.6; D: 2.0; E: 2.5; F: 3.15; G4.0;
H: 5.0; J: 6.3; K: 8.0; Z: 9.0;
2. The number in front of the letter indicates a power of 10, such as 2A, which is 102*1.0=100V, 2C is 102*1.6=160V, and so on.
3. The letter after the withstand voltage value indicates the capacitance capacity in pF.
For example, 823 indicates that the capacity is 82*10^3=82000Pf, and 224 indicates
4, 22 * ​​104 = 220000 pf = 0.22 μF; the last letter indicates the accuracy, such as J means the capacity tolerance is ± 5% and so on.
Typical example of capacitance identification: 2A823J is 82000Pf±5%, withstand voltage 100V

Model: polyester capacitor
Nominal capacity: Polyester capacitor package
Tolerance: 5 (%)
Dielectric material: film
Equivalent series resistance (ESR): 0
Rating: High
Termination Type: Plugin
Lead type: same direction
Lead pitch: 2.54
Installation type: inline
Item: Polyester capacitor
Package: Inline
Rated voltage range: 63-630V.
Loss tangent: 0.3-0.7.
Operating temperature: -55 ° C to 125 ° C.
Temperature coefficient: +200 +600ppm

18 kinds of polyester capacitors are as follows: (10 each)
2A471J 2A102J 2A152J 2A222J 2A332J 2A472J
2A562J 2A682J 2A822J 2A103J 2A153J 2A223J
2A333J 2A473J 2A563J 2A683J 2A104J 2A224J

Package Includes:
180PCS 18 Values Polyester Film Capacitor Assortment Electrolytic Kit