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3.5mm Female Stereo Audio Headphone Jack Socket PCB Panel Mount Connector 5 Pin (10 pack)

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3.5mm Female Stereo Audio Headphone Jack Socket PCB Panel Mount Connector 5 Pin (10 pack)

Product Feature:
1. Simple and stylish appearance
2. Fine workmanship
3. Comfortable hand feel
4. Simple and convenient installation
5. Using high-quality materials, fine workmanship

3.5mm Female Stereo Audio Headphone Jack Socket PCB Panel Mount Connector 5 Pin

Product Type: Headphone Jack
Application range PCB
Working frequency high frequency
Interface type: audio socket
Operating temperature range -30℃~+70℃
Rated load DC30V0.5A
Contact resistance ≤30Ω
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ
Withstand voltage AC1000V (50HZ)/min
Action force 3-30N
Life 5000 times
Shape rectangle
Production process injection
Characteristics Temperature resistant and flame retardant
Contact material: phosphor bronze
Insulator material PBT/LCP

Product Description:
Headphone socket structure
Headphone sockets are generally composed of multiple contacts and socket structures, which mainly include headphone plugs, sockets, and conductive sheets. First, for the earphone socket, the earphone plug is provided with a central pin, and then an auxiliary pin is provided on both sides of the earphone socket, and two or more sets of metal sheets are arranged on both sides of the auxiliary pin. However, a circular insertion hole is provided in the center of the earphone socket, and its function is to provide the connecting part of the earphone plug pin. The conductive sheet of the earphone socket also has a curved contact portion, and the contact portion can contact the metal sheets located on both sides of the auxiliary pin to form an effective conduction contact and provide an independent transmission. However, at the same time, auxiliary plug holes are also provided on both sides of the earphone socket, which are arranged opposite to the auxiliary plug posts. In addition, inside the auxiliary earphone plug plug holes, there are two opposite conductive sheets.

About the specifications of the headphone jack interface
Regarding the interface standard for the current headphone jack, the wired headphone jack of the mobile phone is a standard concentric connector, including a socket end and a plug end. The side of the mobile phone needs to use the socket end. In addition, the 2.5mm headphone jack interface and the 3.5mm headphone jack interface are specified according to the different diameters of the connectors. In addition, in order to distinguish the earphone jacks of mobile phones, the interface of the earphone jack of the mobile phone is unified with the concentric connector interface specified in the standard, and the commonly used earphone jack interface specifications are divided into 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 6.5mm.

Precautions for headphone socket installation
1. Regarding the current installation and wiring methods of the earphone socket, in fact, they are roughly the same as the installation methods of general tact switches. First of all, remember to cut off the power before installation and follow the wiring shown on the label. Then arrange the wires to avoid damage to the earphone socket caused by short-circuiting the wires. It is strictly forbidden to connect the earphone socket circuit directly to the terminal.
2. Although the earphone socket currently has an automatic power-off function, the main reason is that the effective waveform of the input voltage of the applied load is quite different in the standby and power-on states to stop the task. The effective waveform taken by the load in the standby state refers to the size occupied by the part whose relative value is greater than the threshold value in a cycle. The effective waveform portion taken by the load device in the power-on state means that only one of the triggers is used in a cycle The device connects it as a monostable circuit, and one pin outputs low level in steady state. Therefore, for the installation and use of the earphone socket, it is strictly prohibited to operate the earphone socket circuit load short-circuiting.

Package Includes:
10PCS Audio Female Socket