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BF350-3AA BF350 Precision Resistive Strain Gauge (10 Pack)

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10pcs/lot BF350-3AA BF350 Precision resistive strain gauge/pressure sensor/load cell For MCU

Product Description
Type: BF350-3AA
Resistance: 349.8 ±0.1Ω
Sensitivity coefficient(gauge factor): 2.0 - 2.20
Accuracy class: 0.02
Strain limit: 2.0% (2000 micro-strain)
Monolithic size: 7.1mm * 4.5mm

Conductive material: Constantan, copper-nickel alloy 55% copper / 45% nickel (constant resistance over temperature)
Substrate backing: modified phenolic resin foil

Surface must be polished, remove any oxides, residues before applying adhesive.
Long term adhesives: epoxy glue hot curing adhesive (H-610 or equivalent)
Short term adhesives: Cyano-acrylic glues

Package Includes:
10pcs BF350-3AA BF350 Precision resistive strain gauge