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HC-05 Bluetooth Wireless RS-232 Master / Slave RF Transceiver Module

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HC-05 Bluetooth Wireless RS-232 Master / Slave RF Transceiver Module

This HC-05 Bluetooth RF transceiver module can be set as a transmitter or receiver. It can easily transfer data wirelessly, without complex PCB layout or deep knowledge in the Bluetooth software stack. You can combine this Bluetooth module with your MCU, ARM or DSP systems, SOC systems, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Computer Accessories or other systems your want to use under Bluetooth functions.

The HC-05 Bluetooth module can connect to other modules in two ways: As a master, or as a slave. For example, a robot can be designed to be a master connected to a slave Bluetooth module or as a slave board to make a wireless connection with a PC.

Integrated Bluetooth Serial Pass-through Module Master-Slave 6 Pin JY-MCU anti-reverse
High frequency: 2.4GHz
With VCC, GND, TXD, RXD, EN, STATE foot for the Bluetooth
Master and slave, two modes in one module
Uses the CSR mainstream bluetooth chip
Bluetooth V2.0 protocol standards
Input voltage: 3.6V to 6V, on-board chip regulates working voltage to 3.3V
Fully compatible with Arduino
High speed: Asynchronous: 2.1Mbps(Max) / 160 kbps, Synchronous: 1Mbps/1Mbps
TTL data transparent
Transfer between a host Bluetooth device
Item Weight: 0.2 ounces
Works for Bluetooth TTL transceiver module which allows your target device to both send or receive the TTL data.
Coverage up to 10 meters (30 feet) with built-in antenna.
Working current: When unpaired, current of about 30mA; when pairing is successful, current reduces to about 10mA
-PCB Dimensions: 37mm x 15.5mm
Wiring connections: EN / VCC / GND / RXD / TXD / STATE (Bluetooth status leads to the foot, unconnected output low, output high after the connection).
-Status indicator: Flashing LED means no Bluetooth connection; slow flashing LED for the AT command mode.
-Interface level 3.3V, can be directly connected to various microcontrollers (Arduino / 51 / AVR / PIC / ARM / MSP430 etc.), 5V microcontroller can also be directly connected. Direct connection should be made though the microcontroller serial port, not through MAX232 chip.
-Open area effective transmission distance of 10 meters (30 feet), greater distance is possible, but connection quality may degrade.
-After the pairing is successful, can be used as a full-duplex serial interfaces. Without having to know any Bluetooth protocol, supports 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity communication format. This is the most commonly used communication format.
-The module default baud rate is 9600, the default pairing password is 1234, the default name is HC-05
-Press the button to power up the Bluetooth module and enter AT mode for setting parameters and query information.
-AT commands can be switched by the master and slave mode

Package includes:
1x HC-05 6-Pin Bluetooth module