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HC-SR501 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Module for Arduino

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HC-SR501 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor

1. Automatic induction: When someone enters its induction range, enter the high level, people leave the sensor range is automatically delayed off high. Output low.
2. photosensitive control (optional): the module reserved for location, can be set to photosensitive control, strong light during the day or not induction. Photosensitive control is optional, the factory did not install photosensitive resistor. If necessary, please buy a separate photosensitive resistor to install.
3. Two trigger modes: L is not repeatable, H is repeatable. Can be jumper selected, the default is H.
A. non-repeatable trigger mode: the induction output high, the delay time is over, the output will automatically change from high to low.
B. Repeated trigger mode: that is, after sensing the output high, in the delay time period, if the human body in its sensing range of activities, its output will remain high until the delay after the person will leave the high The level changes to low level (the sensing module automatically delays a delay time after every activity of the human body, and takes the time of the last activity as the starting point of the delay time).
4. Induction blocking time (default setting: 3-4 seconds): After each sensing output (high level goes low), the sensing module can be followed by a blocking time, during which it is sensed The device does not receive any sense signals. This function can be used to achieve the interval between the sensing output time and the blocking time. It can be applied to the interval detection products. At the same time, this function can effectively suppress all kinds of interference in the process of load switching.
5. Wide operating voltage range: the default operating voltage DC5V to 20V
6. Micro-power: Quiescent current 65 microamps, especially for dry battery-powered electrical products.
7. Output high-level signal: can be easily with various types of circuits to achieve docking.

Instructions for use:
1 induction module power about one minute after the initialization time, at this time the module will output 0-3 times a minute, a minute into the standby state.
2. Light and other interference should be avoided Directly close the surface of the lens module, so as not to introduce interference with the signal to produce malfunction; use of the environment as far as possible to avoid
Free flow of wind, the wind will cause interference to the sensor.
3. Sensor module with dual element probe, the probe window is rectangular, dual element (A yuan B yuan) in the longer direction at both ends, when the body from left to right
Or from right to left through the infrared spectrum to reach the dual time, distance difference, the greater the difference, the more sensitive induction, when the body from the front to the probe
Head or from top to bottom or from bottom to top direction, the dual element can not detect infrared spectral distance changes, no difference, so the sensor insensitive or does not work; so the sensor should be installed so that the direction of the probe dual And the direction of human activity as much as possible parallel to ensure that the body has been through
Probe dual element induction. In order to increase the sensing angle range, this module uses a circular lens, also makes the probe four sides are sensitive, but the left and right sides are still
However, compared with the upper and lower direction of the two induction range, sensitivity, installation must still try to according to the above requirements.

Use should pay attention to the following points:
1.the DC voltage must meet our requirements, too high and too low will affect the performance of the module, but also requires the power supply must be a good regulator filter, such as computer USB power, mobile phone charger power supply, the old 9V stacked battery Are unable to meet the module work requirements, it is recommended that customers use the power transformer and the regulator through the three-terminal voltage regulator and then through the 220UF and 0.1UF capacitor filter power supply.
2. Although the human body is not in front of the module, but the human body from the module is too close to the module can also be caused by the sensor output, as well as debugging the human body do not touch the circuit part will also affect the module work , A more scientific approach is to output a LED or a multimeter, the module covered with a newspaper, people leave the room, so 2 minutes to see whether the module has been or have output?
3.the module does not take the load to work properly, connected to the load after the work of chaos, one reason is because the power capacity is very small load power consumption, load caused by voltage fluctuations caused by the module malfunction, the other reason is the load The power will have interference in the work, such as relays or electromagnets and other inductive load will produce a reverse electromotive force, 315M emission plate will have electromagnetic radiation and other work will affect the module. The solution is as follows: A, the power part of the inductor filter. B, using the load and the module using different voltage methods, such as: load using 24V operating voltage, the module uses 12V operating voltage, during which the use of three-terminal regulator isolation. C: Use a larger capacity power supply.
4. the human body sensor module can only work indoors and the work environment should avoid the sun, a strong direct light exposure, if the work environment has a strong RF interference, you can use shielding measures. In case of strong air interference, close the doors and windows or prevent convection. The induction area to avoid facing the heating appliances and objects as well as easy to wind debris and clothing.
5. the human body sensor module is recommended to install in a sealed box, otherwise there may have been the output signal.
6.if the body sensor module detection angle is less than 90 degrees, you can use opaque adhesive tape to cut off the lens or cut lens to achieve.
7.the human body sensor module with dual element probe, the body's hands and feet and head movement direction and the sensitivity of the sensor is closely linked, and the infrared module determines the characteristics of the sensor can not accurately control the distance.
8. the module of the probe (PIR) can be mounted on the other side of the circuit board. The probe can also be extended with a two-core shielded cable, the length should be less than 20 cm as well.

Package Includes:
1pc  - HC-SR501 Adjustable IR Pyroelectric Infrared PIR Motion Sensor.