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HDX-2 SW-420 Normally Closed Highly Sensitive Vibration Sensor (5 pack)

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Vibration Sensor Switch 10M ohm 24V Electronic Switch HDX-2

1. Material - Made of metal material and plastic tube, the product has high sensitivity, is free from external sound interference.
2. Working characteristics - No orientation, the resistance of the vibration changes with the intensity of the vibration.
3. Advantage - The appearance of the product is a heat-shrinkable tube package, which is waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof.
4. Application - This product is generally used on electric alarms,sports equipments and anti-theft devices etc.

Product Name: Vibration Switch
Model Number: HDX-2
Type: Switch Type
Max.Voltage: 24V
Rated Thermal Current: 1mA
Insulation Resistance: 10M ohm
Max.Temperature Resisting: 80℃
Pin Size: 15mm x 0.6mm(L*D)
Body Dimension: 9.5mm x 5.2mm(L*D)

Package Includes:
5 x Vibration Switch