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HX711 Weighing Sensor 24-bit A/D Conversion Adapter Load Cell Amplifier Board

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HX711 Weighing Sensor 24-bit A/D Conversion Adapter Load Cell Amplifier Board

CJMCU-711 is designed for high-precision electronic scales designed for 24-bit A / D converter chip. Compared with the same type of other chip that integrates the peripheral circuits including power supply, on-chip clock oscillator and other required the same type of chip, high integration, fast response, strong anti-interference advantages. Reducing the overall cost of the electronic scales and improve the overall performance and reliability. The chip with the rear end of the MCU chip interface and programming is very simple, all control signals from the pin driver, do not need to register the chip programming. Input selector switch can be arbitrarily selected channel A or channel B, its internal programmable low noise amplifier is connected. Channel A programmable gain of 128 or 64, corresponding to the full amount of the differential input signal amplitude was ± 20mV or ± 40mV. Channel B, compared with a fixed gain of 32 for the system parameter detection. The chip can provide the power supply to provide power directly to the A external sensor and chip A / D converter, analog system board without additional power supply. Chip clock oscillator does not require any external components. Automatic power-on reset function to simplify the initialization process boot.

Two selectable differential inputs
Rene-chip, low-noise programmable amplifier with selectable gain of 64 and 128
Rene-chip voltage regulator supplies power directly to the external sensor and on-chip A / D converter
Rene-chip clock oscillator requires no external components, if necessary, use an external crystal or clock
· Automatic power-on reset circuit
Simple digital control and serial communication: All are controlled by input pins, the chip registers without programming
* Choose 10Hz or 80Hz output data rate
· Simultaneous rejection of 50Hz and 60Hz power interference
· Power consumption (including power supply circuit): Typical operating current: <1.7mA, shutdown current: <1A
· Operating voltage range: 2.6 ~ 5.5V
Operating temperature range: -20 ~ + 85 'C
· SOP-16 16-pin package

Package Includes:
1pc HX711 Weighing Sensor 24-bit A/D Conversion Adapter Load Cell Amplifier Board Weight Sensor