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Infrared IR Wireless Remote Controller Module HX1838 Kit for Arduino

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Infrared IR Wireless Remote Controller Module HX1838

Latest infrared wireless remote control kit consists Mini Slim 38KHz IR remote control and infrared receiver modules, Mini Slim infrared remote control with 17 function keys, firing distances of up to 8 meters, ideal for a variety of devices in the control room. IR receiver module can receive standard 38KHz modulation remote control signal, through programming, you can achieve remote control signal decoding operation, which can produce a variety of remote control robots and interactive works.
Ultra-thin infrared remote control product parameters:
1 Transmission Distance: 8m above (specific and surroundings, the receiver sensitivity and other factors)
2 Effective angle: 60 degrees
3 Sticking Material: 0.125mmPET, the effective life of 20,000 times.
4. Stable quality, cost-effective
5 quiescent current 3-5uA, dynamic current 3-5mA.

Package Includes:
1 set - Infrared IR Wireless Remote Controller Module HX1838