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TCA9548A 1-to-8 I2C 8-Channel IIC Multiplexor Development Board.

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TCA9548A 1-to-8 I2C 8-Channel IIC Multiplexor Development Board

Product Features

  • The adapter is connected to an I2C device with multiple identical addresses on the same I2C port on the main control board for normal communication and use.
  • There are 8 I2C interfaces on one expander, and there are eight bidirectional transfer switches that can be controlled by I2C bus. This means that after 1 expander is transferred, 8 identical addresses can be connected to the same I2C port. The device is also in normal use.
  • The default address of this expander is 0x70, the address can be changed, and can be set within 0x70~0x77 according to your needs. In theory, 8 expanders can be cascaded in the address of 0x70~0x77, and each expander can connect 8 devices with the same address. This realizes the same I2C port and connects 64 devices with the same address and uses them normally. Very powerful!
  • Compatible with IIC bus and system management bus (SMBus), active low reset input, support for hot insertion, low standby current, no glitch during power-up, support for voltages between 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V buses Level shifting.
  • Depending on the contents of the programmable control registers, any single SCn/SDn channel or combination of channels can be selected.
  • When a timeout or other improper operation occurs, the system master can reset the TCA9548A by asserting the /RESET input low. Similarly, a power-on reset deselects all channels and initializes the I2C/SMBus state machine.
  • Reset and initialization can also be achieved by asserting /RESET and there is no need to power down the part. The switch has a turn-on gate so that the VCC pin can be used to limit the maximum high voltage through the TCA9548A. Limiting the maximum high voltage allows different bus voltages to be used on each channel pair so that 1.8V, 2.5V or 3.3V components can communicate with 5V components without any additional protection, for each channel, external pull-up resistors The device pulls up the bus voltage to the desired voltage level.
  • All I/O pins are 5V withstand voltage.

Package inlcudes:
1 x TCA9548A 8-way multi-channel expansion IIC module