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USB Charger Doctor Power Tester Voltage/Current Meter

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USB Charger Doctor Power Tester Voltage/Current Meter

It can conveniently measure the output voltage of the USB port and the working current of the device. 2. It is small in size, no power supply and other auxiliary equipment, plug and play; it can also detect whether the voltage and current output by the USB charger are up to standard; Laboratory and user.
Technical indicators:
Working range: Current (0-2.5A) can detect the voltage of mobile phone charger can reach the standard DC5V
Resolution: voltage 10mV current 10mA
Error: voltage <±1% current <±2%
Full-scale voltage drop: 200mV (when measuring current)
Working temperature: 0-60 °C
Product size: 53*35*14mm

The power tester adopts a new generation of 4-digit semi-integral cyclic conversion integrated circuit with precision bandgap reference source, accurate range, high precision, stable operation, reliable performance, strong anti-interference ability and high temperature resistance. It can be used to measure USB. Power supply or power consumption of interfaces, mobile phone chargers, USB flash drives, etc.

Package Includes:
1 x USB Charger Doctor