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ZK-PP2K High Power PWM & Pulse Signal Generator

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ZK-PP2K High Power PWM & Pulse Signal Generator

1. Adjust LED brightness, frequency and duty cycle.
2. Adjust motor speed, frequency and duty cycle.
3. Drive solenoid valve to close and release. Automatic loop, delay output, number of loops (or infinite loop) can be set.
4. Turn on and off control equipment, do switch fatigue test, voltage drop and other tests to verify the reliability of customer equipment.
5. Delay start load, delay time can be set. Always on or intermittent work after the delay.

- Can directly drive LEDs, motors, solenoids and other loads.
- Two modes can be selected: PWM mode: frequency (continuous), duty cycle. Attention: The number of pulses cannot be set in this mode, the module will always send pulses. PULSE mode: positive pulse width time, negative pulse width time, power-on delay start time, and switching times are adjustable.
- With start and stop button to control the output and stop of signals.
- Wide voltage input 3.3-30V, with 5.08mm wiring terminal.

Technical Parameters:
- Working voltage: 3.3~30V (Reverse connection is not allowed)
- Frequency range: 1Hz~150KHz, accuracy about 2%. Motor speed is generally selected 20KHZ.
- Duty cycle range: 0-100%, 1% stepping
- Number of pulses: 1-9999, or infinite (---- displayed stands for infinity)
- Delay output time: 0.000s-9999s. The minimum can be set 1ms
- Positive and negative pulse width length: 0.000s-9999s. The minimum can be set 1ms
- Signal loading capacity: less than 8A (MOS switch tube)
- Output amplitude: amplitude is equal to supply voltage (OUT+ is directly connected to V+ inside the module)

Package Includes:
ZK-PP2K High Power PWM & Pulse Signal Generator